The 7th Kids Fun Expo (KFE) Won Amazing Popularity

On July 14-17, CTJPA held the 7th Kids Fun Expo in Beijing, winning amazing popularity. Over 100 major International and Chinese toy brands brought their up-to-date products to KFE, and the parents with their kids in Beijing and around area made over 160,000 attendances during the four days. Over 40 media including Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, China News Agency, Beijing TV, etc. covered KFE on spot, with more than 300 media nationwide forwarding the news.

We initiated “Play with Kids” Program, which was the theme of Kid Fun Expo 2016.
The Program advocates that parents should spend some time playing with their children, understand their true needs and potential talent, and make them grow healthily and happily.  

Four days of Kids Fun Expo not only witnessed the fever of the parents with their kids, but also was highly praised by the exhibited brands owners. Some companies such as Hape sold about 200,000 RMB of their products per day. Most of exhibitors got highly brands exposure to hundreds of thousands of targeted consumers.